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Remember the food pyramid we were taught in grade school? There were 4 basic food groups - dairy, meats, fruits and vegetables. Things have changed a lot since then, including the theory of eating three times a day.

We now understand that our metabolisms are what help us burn off the excess fuel (foods) that we put in our bodies, and that the more often we put food in, the more often our metabolisms have to go to work. The more our metabolisms are at work, the more efficient our bodies use the food as fuel, and less as stored fat. The downfall is, the more often we eat, the more food we consume many times. That's why portion controlled diets are necessary.

There are still some basic rules of thumb when it comes to what types of food we are eating, and how we eat.  

   Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

   Reduce intake of saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol.

   Limit sweets and salt.

   Drink alcoholic beverages in moderation, if at all.

   Control portion sizes and the total number of calories you consume.

   Include physical activity in your daily routine.

   Drink at least 64 oz.'s of water daily

If there were a new food pyramid that broke down foods into different groups, it would probably look like this.....



Following any diet plan can achieve short term goals, but for lasting results, and long term health, we need to learn healthy eating habits with a well balanced nutritional plan to keep our bodies performing as they should for years to come. Eating small portions from all the food groups, such as low fat dairy products, whole grain foods high in fiber, plenty of fruits and veggies, and nuts and plant oils, roughly every three hours, along with plenty of water, will keep your body fueled up, running smoothly, and keep your energy levels up to maintain an active, healthy life!