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Gym Rules

1. Follow all instructions given by staff members.

2. All misuse of equipment is strictly prohibited (dropping weights, abuse of equipment or the facility, etc.)

3. All equipment must be returned to its proper place.

4. Appropriate attire is to be worn in the facility.

   a. Shirts and enclosed athletic shoes must be worn at all times.

   b. Please no jeans, belt buckles, rivets, or snaps on your workout clothing, as they tend to tear up the equipment padding.

5. We are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to personal items.

6. No smoking, chewing tobacco, chewing gum, or eating food (except energy bars and liquid containers with lids) while in the facility. Snacks are permitted in the vending area and lobby.

7. All members up to the age of 18 and children of members need to be supervised by an adult. Children who are age 13 and younger are not permitted on the fitness floors or cardio room.

8. We are not liable for accident or injury.

9. Please refrain from cursing or any inappropriate language.

10. Please dispose of supplement bottles and other trash items in the appropriate waste containers.

11. No drugs or steroids on the premises!

12. Members are not to bring guests in to the fitness center after business hours. All guests must check in at the front desk.

13. Members must show picture I.D. if they forget their CHF membership card. Minors must have a picture I.D. when on premises.

14. Minors are not allowed after business hours unless supervised by parents who are members. Minors will be asked to leave at closing time.

15. No horseplay or inappropriate behavior or behavior that puts you or those around you at risk.

16. Weight collars must be used.

17. Management reserves the right to remove individuals not adhering to the gym rules.

Members who have read and signed a copy of the gym rules form agree to follow gym rules, even as they are revised occasionally. They also understand that if they choose to break any of the above gym rules the management of Court House Fitness reserves the right to revoke their membership.